Free Hosting for good causes!

Over the years, We've altered our company name and structure quite significantly! One consistency is our desire to support a good cause without the need for recognition! We don't ask for a link back or even a social media post in exchange! We obviously don't decline the offer but it's not the reason we do it! Our offer is a simple one, If you do something good we'd like to help you! We offer web hosting for free if you're suitable! You can bring a domain in from elsewhere or buy from us - That is not a problem if you find it cheaper.

If you or your group already pay for hosting, or you've never had a site just pop us a ticket in! We do our due diligence after a few bad experiences but you don't need to be an official charity or have financial proof of anything we just want to make sure we're funding something that will genuinely help other people! Our views on the topic at hand are not a deciding factor, we look at whether it will make a real difference or impact to other people.