High performance, Reliable and affordable, from a UK based company with a passion for helping others!

We pride ourselves on offering a premium service at an affordable price

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Who We Are

We're a small team of passionate technology enthusiasts who strive to provide a premium service at low prices! We provide unmanaged hosting services with the option to add management at an additional fee

You don't need to spend a fortune to get a service you deserve, With support available when you need us! Come and join thousands of other TekLan customers today! With each service we add, We take the same approach of bringing premium service at an affordable cost, With a small but passionate team this is much easier to achieve!

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Our Values

Why we're different, What we do and why our clients love us

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Streamlined and fairly priced!

We're not overcommited or spending fortunes on advertising - We rely on word of mouth to succeed and it works well! Our focus is on our clients!

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Great hardware

We pick the right tools for the job, This means your website or project is blazing fast - Wherever you are!

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Access to fantastic support

With TekLan Hosting, You're not just buying a service. You're getting access to people who want to help you succeed.


The important bits!

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High quality hardware

24/7 support

Free hosting for charities

Fantastic pricing

Uk based company

In-house uptime monitoring

What do we do different?

No bots, No underpaid or unhappy support staff! We set out to treat you as part of the TekLan family, Whether your issue is big or small we approach it with the same enthusiasm you get from sales!

We treat you as a person, Not a number!

Our support doesn't aim to close tickets in the quickest time to brag about resolution time, We aim to fully understand the issue, Fix the issue and make sure you're aware every step of the way. We actually find this reduces our support load pretty drastically!

Ask away!

Our support is always there for you, Need help picking a service? Want to ask for advice? Clients are always welcome to pick our brains!

Ensuring you remain online at all times! We monitor your products and services to ensure they're online - Should we notice a problem we aim to solve before your visitors do!

24/7 Monitoring

Around the clock, Little TekLan robots are making sure your site or server is online! Highly tuned and programmed to shout at us if they spot something wrong. We can add specific services or requests to our monitoring if you need! All free of charge - Just ask!

Fast responses to downtime

When something goes awry, We don't hang around - We aim to have it resolved in a timely fashion!

Good causes, Charities or community groups. They're the social fabric that keeps people safe in far too many cases! We're extremely passionate about helping others and we're happy to waive the web hosting costs for a good cause!

Free - Yes with no catches!

All you need is a domain name, You can buy that here or elsewhere - Simply open up a support ticket and let us know about your good cause! We'll give you a sameday decision! We don't approve for-profit groups, Or anything with paid staff. We want to have an impact for those that really can't afford it!

No time limitations

We don't remove your free plan after a specific amount of time - Provided you don't become a for-profit group or outgrow shared hosting then it's free for life! We will give big discounts on servers to any charity outgrowing our free plan

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Have a look at our services!

Web hosting

Premium shared hosting, Choice of locations and packages ensures you get exactly what you need!

from £1.99/ mo

Reseller Hosting

Become a web host, Or keep your large selection of sites at a cheap price! Choice of locations and packages ensures you get exactly what you need!

from £8.99/ mo

Blesta Licenses

Save money when buying through TekLan Hosting. We choose to use Blesta to automate our business and you should too! Blesta is the most open code and secure billing system on offer right now.

from £8.00/ mo

Storage VPS

Cheap, Fast and a huge choice of locations! All 2TB disk space, Just choose your Monthly or Annual plan. Premium hardware and a worldwide choice of locations

Coming soon

Dedicated Servers

Single tenant and dedicate resources - The pinnacle of performance available here at TekLan Hosting

Coming soon

Virtual Private Servers

VPS - KVM virtualisation, Premium hardware and an excellent choice of locations!

Coming soon


Frequently Asked Questions

Our parent company, MrChrissyServices LTD was started in 2019 however we have been offering hosting since from 2016 and managing our own for many years before!.

We don't spend vast sums of money on advertising, With the exception of a few physical adverts around the Greater Manchester area and in a few magazines the rest is word of mouth from our satisfied clients!

Absolutely - Feel free to reach out with your requirements!

Yes, Provided it's legal! We're not the arbitrators of what's right or wrong! We're a web host! We comply with the law and leave judgement to others!

Certainly, We're happy to change things around as you grow! Just get in touch!

On any shared product, Such as web hosting you run the risk of being a "Noisy Neighbour" Whilst we have incredibly high limits in comparison to industry standards - We still take our clients needs seriously and abuse isn't tolerated - We do offer higher use plans for an additional fee however!


What they are saying about us

I first met Chris before TekLan Hosting was around. Despite the growth, He's always remained accessible when needed which is something we've always appreciated as we grew and needed to discuss how best to manage future growth!

Colin Aarons

Head of Operations

Big thank you to all the staff at TekLan Hosting, Finally have our website online! Glad we moved here!

Eric H.


Our friends told us about TekLan, We run a small Toy swap charity, I presumed there were hidden costs involved but a simple conversation and we were given an account! They even sent some toys last Christmas!



TekLan are the best company around, After talking to support I signed up and never had a reason to contact support again!



Always felt looked after here, Nothing is too much trouble and once I was setup I haven't needed them outside of renewing. I use them for emails only which has been perfect Cheers lads!




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